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KLI RECORDS is a music supervision, music licensing and clearance agency as well as a boutique record label, music publisher, and licensing house founded by Yael Meyer, artist, creator, musician, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur who began developing the company as a personal project/outlet to release, publish and license her own catalog to film, TV, and adverts.


Along the way, it grew into something bigger.


After several years of working as an artist and a music industry entrepreneur, she found herself surrounded by talent and connections on both sides of the aisle (the music and the audiovisual world) and realized she was in a unique position to bring those two worlds together, utilizing the skills and tools acquired in the process to help other artists make a living with their music while serving the audiovisual industry with a uniquely curated catalog of rad music in genres as diverse as the artists themselves.


Born and raised in Santiago de Chile, Yael moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music , later moving to NY, followed by LA to pursue a career in music. That career led to several syncs on big-time TV shows, films, and adverts on different continents, live shows at festivals in multiple countries, radio airplay, and eventually the creation of her own record label and publishing company.


KLI RECORDS now operates in a number of countries around the world, through our partnerships with sync companies in multiple territories including Europe, USA, Latin America, and Asia.


We pride ourselves on having an ear to the ground on all things Latin as well as curating the best talent from around the world, music supervising film, TV, and advertising projects in the US and Latin markets.

We provide music supervision, licensing, and clearance services as well as one-stop music from our own independently curated one-stop music catalog. 

  • In 2017 KLI RECORDS received the Presidential Award for Best Publisher of the Year and its outstanding contribution to the development of the local music industry. The award was given by the President of Chile Mrs. Michelle Bachelet and the Minister of Culture Mr. Ernesto Ottone.

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